Dead To The World,
Orthodox To The End.

Welcome to the first ORTHODOX MOTORCYCLE RIDING CLUB in N. America.
Est. 8817OS-A2MI by Joshua "Maestro" Jobst, President/Founder

Logo key:

Snake (Dead) + Cross (Orthodox)
RC = Riding Club
Skull = skull of Adam (death)
Celtic Christian patterns = eternity
Chain mail = one for all, all for one (unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno)
Orthodox cross + Celtic cross = East and West
Serpent = Moses’ bronze serpent = Christ the Physician, Healer
Wings  = Holy Spirit; Christ’s Ascension
IC XC = Jesus Christ
NIKA = Conqueror, Victor
EN TOUTW NIKA = in this (sign) conquer (sin)
JMJ8817OSA2MI = JMJ established 8/8/17 (Old Style) Ann Arbor, MI
Crown = crown of righteousness
Double-headed eagle = monarchy of the Father, nous/mind, symphonia