“You’re in the Club, when you’re in the Club.” – The Surgeon

The Dead Orthodox Club (DOC) is a Brotherhood for Orthodox men.
We ride together, suffer together, pray together, party together,¬†support each other,¬†and always have each other’s back.

Our Mottos are:

MBBM = My Brother Before Me | IMMBK = I aM My Brother’s Keeper

DOFFOD = Dead Orthodox Forever, Forever Dead Orthodox

“Dead to Self, Orthodox Forever.”

Ave Christus Rex! = Hail Christ the King!

Fratres Aeterni = Eternal Brothers

In addition, you must be 21+, own a bike (600cc+), pay dues, probate, etc.

If you love Orthodoxy, brotherhood, riding, and serving,

Contact Maestro or a Dead Orthodox brother.

Also check out our support club:

Orthodox Motorcycle Association